Everything has started with a deep love for fashion and the idea of creating a street style blog similar to „All the pretty birds“ (maybe some of you are already familiar with this blog). So I snatched the nearest camera and started seeking out stylish people that appeared different than normal. Sometimes I got lucky and met guys with a mélange of high-street-chic and boho, grunge and princess, ethno and minimalism. But the journey ended abruptly when I realized I would need years to find new people to take pictures of. You might say my city was a fashion vacuum and folks were not always in the mood to be photographed anyway.

My mind was made up! I founded my own fashion blog because my fashion style was always different than others’ and why should I not take pictures of myself?

The matter was settled. What I needed now was a great name. The finding of the name began with a little silver ring: midi, pony on the top. Once my best friend and I were sitting on the balcony and looking for names of my blog. Suddenly I knew: it had to be something that could have been inspired by my favorite novel, Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll.

A rabbit? Too obvious. Alice’s Adventures? Old-fashioned. When I dreamed about names I started looking at my beloved midi ring when suddenly FaceTime rang. It was the former boyfriend of my BFF and she told him we were searching for blog names. He joined in and gave us several ideas but then I showed him my pony ring and said: I would like to have something like a pony name. He laughed and responded: So why don’t you call it Sugarpop then?

Do you know this feeling when something comes up and you deeply know inside that it’s just right? So I was red hot. Stood up, jumped through the balcony while my BFF told her boyfriend on FaceTime he had obviously hit the mark. From this moment I knew: Sugarpop would be the name of my blog.

Since then I have always given my best to inspire with different kind of styles. With breaks, high fashion, daily styles and designer pieces. So street style found its way onto my blog again but this time it was me with my ideas for different occasions or outfits, basically whatever I felt like wearing.


Follow me into the Wonderland. . .


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