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I'm Stella and this is my blog about traveling, fashion, beauty, design and lifestyle. I'm crazy for the little things in life – and for bags.
Let me take you on a ride through my colorful world.
Follow the white pony into the wonderland.

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White Cheer

It’s cold. Ice cold. In the last time you only see me running through the city with a fat sweater, my parka and boots. But (!!) before of that the temperatures had decided even for a short time to treat ourselves…

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Woah, the weather is horrible recently, so that you actually can only leave home with cozy and mainly warm clothes. But this doesn’t mean, that you only need to wear sweaters and cardigans: The key is the material. Just in my case –…

Women in Trees

What did you notice first? Correctly: the military jacket again ;) So I guess it became my it-piece for the current season. But actually it’s not fall anymore it’s winter already… This is why I said farewell to short skirts and dresses…

Military Vibes

Cold, windy but sunny. Time to get out the wool clothing from the wardrobe! I’ve found my short jacket in military style again and have to say that I probably won’t take it off again. And if it’s getting even…

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