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I'm Stella and this is my blog about traveling, fashion, beauty, design and lifestyle. I'm crazy for the little things in life – and for bags.
Let me take you on a ride through my colorful world.
Follow the white pony into the wonderland.

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Hey my peeps! I proudly present my first post in this year 2015! I really hope you had a great New Year’s Eve. I celebrated the turn of the year in a boots-house near a wonderful lake. At midnight it…

Casually Grey

Oh, peeps! Only two days left until Christmas Day! This is why I probably post my last look here for this week. (unless I’m gonna take pics from my Christmas look ;)) These are snapshots because the pics were taken…

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The Bun

Time to try something new, I thought and decided for a sweater with bunny print, boyfriend jeans and sneakers. Some may mean it looks childish, some may say it’s cool. I just love it in any case, because deep in…

Black & Yellow

Hey my peeps! How was your first Advent? I hope you’ve spent the time with your family such as I did. But not for long because I didn’t feel well, so that I creeped into my warm bed yet in…

My Beanie

Yes, the temperature keep on falling. And although the current edition of the InStyle publicize looks with sandals in combination with fat lambskin coats, I tend to wrap myself into boots and caps. Finally it’s time for that: Beanies! There so…

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