Basic clothes for every day with a special touch.


Woah, the weather is horrible recently, so that you actually can only leave home with cozy and mainly warm clothes. But this doesn’t mean, that you only need to wear sweaters and cardigans: The key is the material. Just in my case –…

Military Vibes

Cold, windy but sunny. Time to get out the wool clothing from the wardrobe! I’ve found my short jacket in military style again and have to say that I probably won’t take it off again. And if it’s getting even…

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I'm Stella and this is my blog about traveling, fashion, beauty, design and lifestyle. I'm crazy for the little things in life – and for bags.
Let me take you on a ride through my colorful world.
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Sporty Fall

I really have to admit that the fall is more than gracious in this year: The temperatures are wonderfully mild, the sun comes out so many times that you can enjoy it properly how the foliage becomes discolored, the trees lose their leaves and…

Atténtion please

A lot can happen when you go for a walk on a sunny day. When I strolled through the streets this sunday, I arrived at a bridge where nutria got feed with carrots and salad. This time I wanted to keep it…

Fall Preview – Parka Love

That moment when I turn on the heater in August feels more than surreal. It was so cold, today (12 degrees!!), that I put on my new super cute Parka. I could cuddle myself in it the whole day –…

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My Summer Love

My love and my touchUp above, playing with the one from mineMy love and my touchUp above, playing with the one from mineMy love and my touchUp above, playing with the one from mineMy love and my touchUp above, playing…


Somedays ago a girl asked me whether my blog would be only about fashion or more. I thought about what she meant with “more”. Well, first of all I’m focused on fashion because it changes the daily routine. Sometimes it can…

Black Skirt, Red Blazer

Sorry Peeps, that I let you alone over the weekend – I had so much to do. Contrary to me I hope that you had a pleasant time. So I start the hated Monday with a fresh red blazer and a black…

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