Yes, in the last time it seems that it’s gonna be spring, so that my lovely Jana invited me to round #2 of “7 Days of Style”. This time: Hello Spring! Maybe you’ve noticed already that colorful sneakers popped up…

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Taking pictures turned into a real dangerous adventure here in Germany at the moment. The wind is so strong (the weather forecast even announced little winter storms) that it’s pure luck to find a place where you don’t get blown away……


The Christmas Days are almost over and I’m truly sorry for not posting any Christmas look! Christmas doesn’t only mean a holy time but a bit stress, too. This is why you couldn’t see my black velvet dress of this…

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White Collar

On St. Nicholas Day I was so in Christmas mood that I decided to take out my wonderful shirt-blouse. With my fake-fur vest and the boots I felt a bit like a snow-bunny (but without snow). In the last time I gathered…

My November

It’s December and I really have to say, that I had a great November. The temperatures weren’t that cold and concerning fashion I could try this and that yet. Now it’s up to you: Please tell me what was your favorite…

Women in Trees

What did you notice first? Correctly: the military jacket again ;) So I guess it became my it-piece for the current season. But actually it’s not fall anymore it’s winter already… This is why I said farewell to short skirts and dresses…

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