The Christmas Days are almost over and I’m truly sorry for not posting any Christmas look! Christmas doesn’t only mean a holy time but a bit stress, too. This is why you couldn’t see my black velvet dress of this…


I know exactly what Mariah Carey felt when she was singing “All I want for Christmas is you”. Ok, well it was about a guy obviously but for me the “you” are these pieces I wish for Christmas. By the way it’s still…

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Lots of times announced, now here it is: My style for the third Advent. After Melina and Sabrina showed their lovely Advent-looks it was my turn to create mine. Because it was rainy and wet I decided for a clean…

White Collar

On St. Nicholas Day I was so in Christmas mood that I decided to take out my wonderful shirt-blouse. With my fake-fur vest and the boots I felt a bit like a snow-bunny (but without snow). In the last time I gathered…

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Join the navy

So my peeps, my project Shopping Blogging Queen moves into its second phase. This time we decided to show you looks with a nautical touch. According to the motto: Ahoy, meet the sailors! So here you can see my version of a…

Happy Birthday

“Cover your eyes, I have a surprise” “So make a wishI’ll make it like your birthday everydayI’ll be your giftGive you something good to celebrate” And what a surprise: Some of you already know the picture from Instagram in which…


My peeps, there is a TV-show here in Germany called “Shopping Queen”. One week, five participants, 500 Euro and a subject to dress for. Inspired by this show I created a blogger version called “Shopping Blogging Queen”. Lots of bloggers…

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