• What a Nice Connection

    This is my new favorite blouse for the current season. And like the title reveals already a bit – it’s by Nice Connection. I recently discovered this company for me but I really have to admit that the clothes ain’t the…

    Black Skirt, Red Blazer

    Sorry Peeps, that I let you alone over the weekend – I had so much to do. Contrary to me I hope that you had a pleasant time. So I start the hated Monday with a fresh red blazer and a black…

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    Writings All Over

    Here are so much writings all over my silk blouse by Karl Lagerfeld that in this case I let the post speak itself ;)  In these days I’m very busy with my internship and have to jump from one to another…

    Tulle Oh Là Là

    Hey cutie pies! How were your Easter holidays? I spent the time with my family and had to search for oodles of sweets (what ain’t helpful for getting the wished summer body shape…). Like told you in my post Let’s Tweed I…

    Happy Easter!

    My dearest papillons, I know that Easter is about searching for sweets and eggs but this year I got my Easter gift already and I didn’t even have to look for it: a lot of visits on my blog! Thanks to…

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    Let’s Tweed

    Yeah! On Friday the holidays start and I’m in huge easter mood! This is why I want to transfer a bit of my lady chic to you with my Tweed dress: I love to get dolled up for extraordinary occasions…



    New In – Spring it-Pieces

    Hey my gorgeous butterflies, hope everything’s great? Today I have a really cute post for you (I’m so sorry I couldn’t prevent the inner impulse to arrange a terribly cute collage and to paste some tawdry stickers on the pictures).…

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