• Ornamental Passion

    Yeah! Finally the temperatures are rising outside and I can leave sweaters in a corner deep behind inside my closet. Time for layers (because in the morning it still feels icy) and prints. Here is one of my favorite blazers.…

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    I'm Stella and this is my blog about traveling, fashion, beauty, design and lifestyle. I'm crazy for the little things in life – and for bags.
    Let me take you on a ride through my colorful world.
    Follow the white pony into the wonderland.

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    Rawwrr – My first Leopard print Coat

    My peeps ♥ It’s still sale outside and when I strolled unsuspecting through the city this weekend I discovered this gorgeous coat with leopard print. When I goggled on the price tag I noticed that it could only be true love.…

    Are You Kitten Me?

    Oh, dears! This morning was absolutely horrible! I couldn’t open my blog and then I had to assert that the server didn’t answer. My personal IT-prof told me that some bot or hacker caused trouble on WordPress (which my website…

    System Problems – Sugarpop is going to fix it soon!

    Oh, my dears! Something bad had happened! Probably a hacker or a bot caused a server damage on Sugarpop and so all the comments and my latest post were deleted. I promis that I’m gonna fix this as soon as…

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    Playground Love

    I’m a high school lover, and you’re my favorite flavor Love is all, all my soul You’re my playground love Yet my hands are shaking I feel my body remains, time’s no matter, I’m on fire On the playground, love.…

    Me and my Boyfriend

    All I need in this life of sin is me and my boyfriend, Down to ride till the happy end, is me and my boyfriend. Na na na, na na na And with black chiffon, a golden rivet ribbon and…

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